Weekly Challenge:1920s

Yes! Finally! A weekly spoonflower challenge I can get in to.  This week it is the 1920s and nothing says 1920s like flappers (for me anyway).  I knew right away I was drawing flappers for this.  I figure there will be loads of art deco patterns and there might be some other flappers but I just had to. I may have a thing for flappers…

A book cover for the Recovering the Classics campaign for CAN:

And a bit of fan art of the lovely Kim Chi.


The Challenge:

The 1920s, also referred to as The Roaring ‘20s in the United States and the Golden Age Twenties in Europe, brought about the birth of the Jazz Age, iconic dance moves and the inspiration for this week’s design challenge. Will you channel the luxurious and modern style of Art Deco, the glitz of the movie industry, or the underground mystery of prohibition when creating your repeating design?

My Design:

Next week’s challenge is the 1950s.  I am pretty excited about that too.  Beatniks, greasers, sock hops-oh my!

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