So Many Samples

I have about 80 to 100 8″x8″ cotton samples which are most of my designs on Spoonflower and had no idea what to do with them until recently.  Sure, I could actually use them for a sewing project but the problem there is that I don’t sew.  I am quite likely the world’s worst seamstress. It doesn’t help that I am terrified of sewing machines.  When I was in design school (way back in the late 80s) I would be full of dread before entering the sewing room knowing that I was likely going to die by an errant needle. Those industrial machines were incredibly fast and scary but I digress.



So, I have all these samples and I don’t sew.  I decided to just turn them into swatches and use them as reference.  Maybe to use as a reminder of past palettes I’ve used and liked or maybe for remembering elements I’ve drawn and can reuse.

I got a pair of pinking shears, a cheap hole punch and some rings and went to work.  I feel like I’ve been cutting samples forever and there are still about two yards worth of samples to cut up. Luckily, I am not afraid of pinking shears.  The inexpensive (3 NZD) hole punch works surprisingly well for this.

I have two bunches of swatches done and am working on the third.  Once I get all the backlog sorted it should be easy to keep up on new samples.

It might not be terribly pretty but here is one of the finished swatches:


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