Limited Colour Palette Challenge

This past month Spoonflower has been offering tea towel challenges which are my least favourite challenges.  I chose not to participate.  The first challenge after all the tea towels is a limited colour palette challenge which very much is my favourite.

The palettes are never ones I would choose myself which makes it all the more fun.  This week’s palette is :Lagoon #005e70, Saffron #f3a33b, Terracotta #b84b03, Blush #dca6a9 and Ocean #3a6b64.  I do love a couple of these colours specifically the blue, green and yellow.  The blush threw me a little as it feels like the odd one out.  Black and white can also be used.  I find this a little difficult as I was taught not to use pure black.  I did end up using quite a bit of the black though as I wanted a bold statement.

This palette feels almost 1970s to me so I went floral (in my head this makes sense!).  It is rather cartoon-y and in your face but I don’t mind it.  In the right setting it could definitely work.  I see it more as accent pieces in soft furnishings more than apparel.


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