What do you do outside of design?

I’ve been asked in job interviews what is I do outside of design.  My first thought is uh….design?  I don’t say this.  I talk about the other things I do but the truth is most of my outside of design entertainment is design related.  From the games I play to the television I watch, design is first and foremost a consideration.

The Games:

My love of design type games started with Sims but really took off with Sims 3.  I spent hours designing homes both inside and out.   Games like Rift or Everquest II where I could build and design my own spaces were also heavily played.  The last couple of years I love a good wholesome building game like Animal Crossing, Farm Together, or Dragon Quest Builders II.


Years ago there was a fashion website called Looklet.  On this site you could create outfits on models. There was a whole community around it and when Looklet closed we all went to Polyvore.  I remember being so happy when I won outfit of the day not once but twice.  At the time and in that circle it was a big deal.   Polyvore was great for creating mood boards, magazine layouts or even art.  Sadly, it closed a few years ago and I have yet to find a replacement.  


Ok, I am an absolute sucker for reality competition if it involves any sort of creativity.  I will watch anything from glass blowing to blacksmithing to house flipping.  The Sewing Bee is an absolute favourite and of course the Great British Bake Off (and Kiwi Bake Off).  Recently I watched a jewellery design programme called All That Glitters.  Premise is great-jewellery making! But could have been a bit better.  There are too many to name but if there is a new design related or design adjacent show on, I am going to watch it.

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