The ugliest colour?

Pantone 4a412a

If someone were to ask me what my favourite colour was I’d be very hard pressed to give an answer as I love all the colours.  I love them for different reasons and at different times of my life.  When I was 17 I was obsessed with midnight blue.  Most recently I am all about orange and currently I only want to find the perfect dusty red.  

There is one colour though, after multiple studies and market research, that has been deemed the ugliest colour in the world.  Even Pantone 448c, also known as Opaque Couche doesn’t offend me.  In fact Pantone 448c saves lives. In 2012 it was announced it would be used on cigarette packing in Australia as the colour was so ugly it would deter smokers.  It is described as dirty, tar, and even death.   

So this ugly colour nonsense got me thinking.  How would I use it? What kind of colour palette would I put it in? 

“At the Pantone Color Institute, we consider all colours equally,” explained Leatrice Eiseman, executive director. There was, she said, “no such thing as the ugliest colour”. Rather, 448C was associated with “deep, rich earth tones”, popular on sofas and shoes and other things that might be found in a house.

With that in mind I went with a 70s inspired colour palette and aesthetic. The mood board I created in Canva, the palette in ColourLovers and the badge in Adobe Illustrator.

I have to agree-Pantone 448c isn’t ugly at all. It’s a lovely earthy brown that has a lot of uses but it’s also very cool it is saving lives.

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