Minimalist Packaging

On K road in Auckland there is an Asian supermarket (Lim Chhour).  It was in this supermarket I saw one of the most beautiful designs I’ve ever seen.  It was a bottle of Korean dishwashing liquid in red, white and grey.  Stunning in its simplicity. Impactful in its minimalism.  

After some research I found out that the design (seen above-on the right is the one I saw in the store) is from Taehee Lee for Aekyung.  It was a redesign for the 50th anniversary of Trio.

Trio is the first dishwashing liquid in Korea, having launched in 1966. On its 50th anniversary, Trio renewed its BI with a design symbolizing integrity and sincerity. All ingredients used are provided on the front label, allowing consumers to use the product safely and with confidence. Also, Trio employs a simplistic design solely with the ingredient table to more effectively deliver its message to consumers. The product demonstrates its tradition of 50 years and gratitude for the love that consumers have shown by highlighting integrity and minimalism, its two most distinctive features. Being the first ever dishwashing detergent brand, the goal was to escape the oldness and make improvements to fit modern design. was to make improvements on the classic design and that fits modern design.   
Firstly, got rid images of ripened fruits and only use typography to accentuate simplicity. 
Secondly, using only the B.I with white matt finish background and partially laminating the transparent parts to make the texts shinier.  
Lastly, by using firm and boxy san serif font as the main and subtext to create a reliable feel to it.

Taehee Lee on Behance


So what did it look like before the redesign?

The retro design is really cute and the more modern iteration is generic. Generic as in it looks like any dishwashing liquid ever. I’d say Trio has come a long way in it’s 50 + years.

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