Gender Neutral

This last week the Spoonflower challenge was for a gender neutral wallpaper.  Even though I don’t have children I do love to create kid’s designs so was pretty excited for this challenge.  I wanted to go gender neutral in my palette  as well as theme.  My initial thought was bunnies because who doesn’t love the buns, right? I came up with  the bunny design and then wanted to create some coordinates with it which is how we get to my entry for the challenge:  A geometric triangle design in a muted palette.  I really like it and could definitely see it as an accent wall in a trendy nursery.

It wasn’t just Spoonflower wanting gender-neutral recently.  Minted also had a contest for a nursery wall mural.  I submitted three.  I don’t expect any of them to do particularly well as they are my first entries into a Minted contest and I don’t really know what kind of designs they look for yet. Again, I kept my palettes neutral as well as theme.

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