Blown Away

Like most creatives, I go through phases where I am “really into” a particular thing. A few months ago, I fell in love with clear glass, which is a bit weird as it is everywhere and part of our lives. But, I was recently struck with how lovely it was. In fact, I now have a hoard of glass bottles under the kitchen sink that I am sure have some decorative value.

So pretty

The other night I was browsing through Netflix looking for anything to watch and found Blown Away-a reality glass blowing competition. I thought why not, I don’t know much about glass blowing, I’ll give it a go. It was awesome! I binged the whole series in one evening. So much beautiful glass. I especially loved Alexander’s work as he created a lot of clear glass pieces. I won’t give away the winner but it was well deserved.

If you love reality design competitions like I do, definitely give Blown Away a watch.

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