Art is never finished

Art is never finished, only abandoned

~Leonardo da Vinci

For every successful creative endeavour, I fail multiple times. Whether I am creating a new fabric pattern or creating interior concepts in 3d there are a lot of misses. As someone once said, possibly my mother who heard it elsewhere, we don’t make mistakes we make discoveries. And that is true. I learn loads from my creative missteps.

I’ve been learning Sketchup, Vray and lately Revit to try to break into the interior design world after graduating from the Interior Design Institute and it has been a lot of trial and error. So, going through all my failures-designs that I can’t get just right or that don’t render the way I want-I decided they could be saved. I don’t want to abandoned my creative babies after all.

Instead of rendering these duds I thought maybe applying a style to them they might have some value.

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