This Week: Medical Professions

Every week Spoonflower has a new design challenge.  I love participating in these because it really allows for creativity and pushes one outside their comfort zone.  However, there are some weeks when I am just not feeling it.  When I saw the Medical Profession challenge internally I was thinking “ugh”.  I just knew there would be so many of the same type of patterns and that I had nothing to add to the conversation as it were.   But then! Eureka! Apothecaries! I wanted to do bottles-old timey type bottles.   I didn’t, however, want the pattern to feel old or hipster-y.  I wanted to put my twist on it which usually means loose and imperfect.  Weirdly, and yet again, I’ve gone with a more pastel palette. Weirdly because in my home decor and with my personal fashion sense I never wear/use pastels.

The Brief:

The doctor is in! This week we’re celebrating the medical professionals that are keeping us in tip-top shape. Will you find inspiration in the tools you might find in a doctor’s white lab coat or take a more holistic approach to your design? Whether you imagine your design on a pair of scrubs or waiting room wallpaper, we want to see your best repeats with a therapeutic touch. –Spoonflower

The end result:

I think it turned out quite well.  Whether anyone else likes it remains to be seen but all in all I am quite pleased.

Voting is open July 12 and closes July 17

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